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Charity Quilts


Charity is going to have a new documentation sheet that shows donations of quilts, fabric, pillowcases, bags, and other charitable contributions. I want members to be recognized for the help they are giving to children and other charities. We will also have kits available for you to take home to make a charity quilt. If we run out of kits, let me know and I will get one to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t still make quilts and so on from your own stash. We love having those, also!

We are going to try to meet once a month to make kits at the church, but the date has not yet been set. If you have a favorite date, let me know. We are also going to meet 3–4 times a year on a Saturday to make stockings, pillowcases, bags, etc.

Thanks for all your help. You did a great job with Charity last year and I know you will continue to give from your heart this year. Linda and I are new at this, so if you have suggestions let us know.

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