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President’s Challenge

As President of the Silver Threads Quilt Guild and in light of the fact this February is President’s birthday month, I’m declaring February as Log Cabin Block month. You can read about the history of the log cabin by going to this link

Log Cabin Quilt

Source: Mrs. Bill Stagg with state quilt, Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

I will be introducing a President’s challenge block of the month at the meeting on February 14th and thought you might want to read up on the log cabin block (hint). Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “President’s Challenge

    1. You’re right, she does look ever so grumpy. I chose a photo free of potential copyright impingement and was simultaneously trying to show that the log cabin design goes way back in history. In retrospect, I probably should have opted for someone who actually looked excited about the work she’d achieved.

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