Spring 2013 Workshop Supply List and Pre-workshop Preparation

The  Projects-To-Go Bag Workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 20, 2013
at the Moose Lodge, 215 Green Acres Road, Fort Walton Beach

Your fee includes the pattern and lunch.



  • Pressing Cloth
  • Marking pencil that can be removed such as a chalk marker
  • Tape (for piecing paper pattern pieces together)
  • Sewing machine, thread, scissors, and other supplies

MAIN FABRIC: bag body front and back (1/3 yard fabric)

  • Two (2) 9½” x 18½” pieces of main fabric
  • Two (2) 9½” x 18½” pieces of interfacing: fusible fleece or Décor-Bond, OR cut one (1) 9½” x 18½” piece of Soft and Stable (see Note)—iron interfacing to back of main fabric pieces prior to class.

OUTSIDE POCKET FABRIC: front and back (½ yard fabric; ¼ additional for directional)

  • Two (2) 6½” x 26½” pieces of outside pocket fabric
  • Two (2) 6½” x 26½” pieces of choice of interfacing OR cut one (1) 6½” x 26½” piece of Soft and Stable (see Note)—iron interfacing to pocket fabric prior to class.

ACCENT FABRIC (3/4 yard fabric)

  • Two (2) 4¼” x 18½” bag bottom
  • Two (2) 7½” x 26½” outside pocket lining
  • One (1) 2½” x 36½” top binding
  • One (1) 4¼” x 18½” piece of choice of interfacing (see Note)—iron interfacing to bag bottom prior to class.

LINING FABRIC (1 1/8 yard fabric, includes optional pull-up flap)

  • Two (2) 13¼” x 18½” pieces for lining
  • Two (2) 12” x 18½” pieces for inside pockets
  • Two (2) 9½” x 18½” pieces for optional drawstring closure (this is a flap of fabric that pulls up tight to hold your goodies in.)

HANDLE (1/3 yard fabric)

  • Two (2) 5” x 40” pieces
  • Four (4) 5” x 20” pieces of woven interfacing such as Shape Flex

NOTE: The pattern calls for 2 layers of interfacing for bag body and bottom and suggests a non-woven interfacing ironed to each piece and then a fusible fleece ironed to each piece for stability. I used Soft and Stable which eliminates the need for both the other interfacings; therefore, you only need 1 layer using the Soft and Stable. If you are unsure about interfacings, we can address this in class. It is important to cut all pieces prior to class.

Any questions, please email me at or call 496-1770.

~ Carol ~

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