April 2013 Newsletter

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

President: Carol

We’ve had a great quilting year so far and April is lining up to continue our learning experience. We have the workshop coming up on April 20; I will take a few minutes at the meeting to go over some of the details of the bag and answer any questions you might have. We need to have payment for the workshop no later than the guild meeting on April 11 to ensure we have enough patterns for everyone. The price includes lunch of hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken fingers—we’ll need your order at that time as well.

How are you doing on your shamrock blocks? We received 27 beautiful umbrella blocks last month and will still accept them as well.

I have two small issues that have come up that I need to address. A couple of our members are allergic to perfume; so, when you come to the meetings, if you would kindly not apply fresh perfume prior to the meeting, it would be appreciated by those who can’t handle it.

Secondly, in today’s environment, corresponding via email is the preferred, quickest, and easiest way to get information out to the membership in a group. We do our best to try and keep emails private but sometimes messages get sent with too many addresses or not the right ones. I apologize if this has happened and you feel your privacy has been compromised. We are going to try to purge the list of non-members based on this year’s membership and only post messages on the blog. When June posts on the blog, the information goes out to everyone who is registered on the blog. So please register if you have not done so that we can limit sending emails. With 60 plus members, calling everyone and keeping the information current can be difficult for an all-volunteer group, so please bear with us as we try to improve.

I’m looking forward to fabulous speakers in April—Margie and her daughter Tammy.

See you soon!

Vice President: Carolyn

The workshop for the Projects to Go bag is April 20th at the Moose Lodge which means all fees for the class must be paid at the April 11th meeting. No money will be collected at the workshop.

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

The instructions are on the blog in order for you to do your homework before the class (click here to directly access those instructions). It is going to be a fun day and we hope to see you there.

Membership: Pam

We have had a great start to our membership drive. We have 61 members. Continue to invite friends to join our fun.

Please remember to sign in at each meeting it helps me out a great deal. Also, membership booklets will be printed next week. If you would like to put a business card ad in the booklet, please let me know.

Secretary/Treasurer: Marie

Beginning Balance: $2,683.34


  • Programs gift card $20.00
  • Workshop patterns $127.80

Total Account (as of 3/26/2013): $2,535.54

April Door Prize Donations:

  • Amy Hughes
  • Carol Stearns
  • Sherry Painter
  • Jessie Gaskin

May Door Prize Donations

  • Ruth Christensen
  • Laura Gamble
  • Mary Ann Sharp
  • Barbara Simmons

Programs: Jessie & Carmen

Program for April

Blog/Newsletter: June

The blog is doing well in providing up-to-date information to current members as well as sharing with potential new members. If you have not done so, please make sure to subscribe in the lower right-hand column of the blog by entering your email address. Doing so keeps you from having to constantly check to see if new information has been posted as a private email will inform you when a new blog entry has been published.

One thought on “April 2013 Newsletter

  1. June, the blog is amazing! You really know how to do this!. How many hours do you spend on this each month do you think?

    You could make some money setting up blogs for other quilt groups and charge for it. CArol

    Carol Stearns

    Decorating Den Interiors

    office; 850-244-2255

    cell: 850-496-1770

    Every Beautifully Designed Room Tells a Story….Let Me tell yours!


    I appreciate your referrals and I will take excellent care of your family and friends’ decorating needs!


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