Silver Threads Quilt Guild 2013 Charitable Giving

President Carol Stearns writes:

What an amazing meeting we had last week! I watched you, the audience, during the charity representatives’ presentation and there weren’t too many dry eyes! It was riveting to hear about the various organizations that service our community and how much need there is! When Lil Jennings talked about the single mother living in her car with 4 children, I almost lost it!

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved

Here is what the Silver Threads Quilt Guild made and gifted for 2013 and the speakers from those organizations:

  • Angie Carmicheal with Children’s Home Society; contact Lynn Tuele at 850-855-3872: 15 quilts, Christmas stockings, and pillowcases.
  • Judy Manning, Children in Crisis Contact Judy at 850-864-4242:32 quilts, Christmas stockings, and pillowcases along with 30 bags with a Beanie Baby inside.
  • Jennifer Allen, Families First, 850-833-3840: 15 quilts and pillowcases.
  • Melisa at Linus Project, 850-200-4412, 42 quilts, pillowcases, and Christmas stockings.
  • Lil Jennings, Opportunity Place, 850-200-4412, (can also ask for Maggie Tomecek): 17 pillowcases and 21 Christmas stockings.
  • Life Inc., contact Pia at 850-862-9020: 6 quilts and 16 Christmas stockings (they have very little storage room and may need help during next year for just baby quilts).
  • Addie Lowry, Kids Comfort: as of Nov. 7, 2012, 63 quilts and 18 pillowcases. All donated quilts included an ornament and a stuffed toy.
  • Amy Daopoulos, Rhonda Coon Home for Women, 1007 Gospel Road, 850-243-5800,, 9 pillowcases and Christmas stockings (the Home traditionally houses 8 women, 2 of whom are currently pregnant).

Our total gifts of love from our hearts and hands for 2013:

© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
© 2013 June Scroggin, All Rights Reserved
  • 111 quilts
  • 187 pillowcases
  • 161 Christmas stockings
  • 161 Christmas stockings
  • 30 bags and Beanie Babies
  • 4 Quilts of Valor

I am so proud to be a member of this group and proud of the maximum effort you made this past year! You really stepped up to the plate with so many beautiful quilts, stockings and pillowcases! And it made a difference to that one little boy or girl who will receive a quilt to call their own.

One thought on “Silver Threads Quilt Guild 2013 Charitable Giving

  1. Carol,

    You did an excellent job being our leader last year…look forward to the new year. If there is anything I can do let me know.


    Lynda Richardon

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