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New Information for next meeting

Greetings Quilters!

Have you been sewing borders and blocks?  I am excited about this year and hope to sew and sew!  Don’t forget to add a 3.5 inch border around your 12” block.  If you have extra fabric from that border and want to bring it with your block to pass on to the next person, please do so.  The second border is going to require several fabrics.

The honing our skills segment will feature none other than myself, Carol.  I’m going to refresh our memories on how to measure and add a border so that our quilt lays flat.  I had to buy a book and read it to prepare for my lesson but it is worthwhile.

Don’t forget to go to to get the BOM they are providing this year. I made my block and it was super easy.  Just think of all the blocks and quilts we will have produced this year!

If you bring back your block, your name will go into a drawing for the Lynn’s gift certificate.  If you bring in a completed quilt for charity, your name will go into a quarterly drawing for $25!  Your name will stay in the drawing through the end of the year so the more quilts you bring, the more chances you have to win!

This month, our speaker is going to be Ginger Maddox who will update us on the requirements of Quilts of Valor.  She is also going to share with us the events of the quilt presentations in Jacksonville in December!

Come early and get a good seat!  See you on Feb 13!

Carol Stearns


At the January meeting everyone was asked to bring a 12” block to the meeting.  An exchange of blocks was made,  and you were sent home with instructions on adding a 3.5 inch border to it.  I have had some questions so I thought I would give you more detailed answers and instructions for our project.

Q:  Why is the block 12” unfinished and not 12.5”?  

A:  We had about 20 of the bowtie blocks that we made last year and a few other blocks and none of them were exactly the same size.  So Amy Bouchard cut them all down to a 12” unfinished size so that all of our blocks would be consistent. If you are starting out with a block of your own, please trim it to 12”.  

Q:  What is the border that you want added this month? 

A:  Select a fabric that coordinates with the block and cut 2 pieces 3.5 by 12 and two pieces, 3.5 by 18. Sew the 3.5 by 12 to the top and bottom of the block being careful to achieve a consistent ¼” seam.  Press toward border.  Then sew the 18” strips to either side and you are done.  If you have some fabric left over, you might want to pin or include it with the block when you trade it next month.  Your block should square up to 18” unfinished.  

Q:  I REALLY like my block and border. Do I have to trade it next month or can I keep it. 

A:  The idea is to trade blocks with others to make it fun.  However, if you are working on something you really like, your option is to keep it.  Otherwise, these blocks, when big enough, will become charity quilts.  

Q:  What is the plan for this round robin? How big is it going to be and what is the pattern? 

A:  Well, I can’t answer that exact question.  I plan to give you new borders to add each month.  We will learn some new techniques and hone our skills. When the quilt gets big enough for charity, it is done.  If you would like to continue on with a Q of V or to keep it yourself and make it bigger, it is optional.  I have the design for February’s border and ideas for future borders. 

Remember, I only started quilting when I took a class in Sept of 2010.  I have grown and learned and please bear with me as I design borders for our quilts!  Quilters never stop learning!

Carol Stearns

Jan 27nd membership

Thank you everyone who paid for their 2014 membership.  As of our last meeting we have a total of   45–members.    If you have not done so yet please get an information envelope from me or get the form off of our blog under membership tab.

As you know we have new members each month, so please wear your Name Tag so they can meet you and remember who you are.  I believe we will have a workshop this year for ideas on name tags, but until then please wear one you already have made or I will have name tags available for you to print your name on.

Treasury Report

Beginning balance. $ 1659.19
Dues.                       385.00
Door prize drawing. 85.00
End balance.                             $   2129.19

February mtg donators

Nancy Rapsawadti
Dana Rodriguez
Carolyn Urquhart
Christine Alber

Please bring two gifts that are sewing related. Equal in value to $10 each

(posting done by PJ Kobos, contact info:

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