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Remember ladies, our June Birthday meeting is going to be a wonderful “Trash to Treasures” event. I use the word Trash as in “one woman’s trash is another woman’s gain”, and it certainly will be a gain. I have seen some of the wonderful items that are being bundled up for the Donation Walk. There are really some nice items being offered; rulers, patterns, fabric bundles, embroidery friends and much more. There is also a .50¢ table – yay. All proceeds from the guild sponsored event will be going into our Out Reach and quilting Programs.

Tickets for the Donation Walk are $10.00 for 15 tickets. Drop your tickets for your favorite items. Winners will be announced at the end of the evening. There are going to be some very lucky people! If you wish to bring a snack for shopping energy please do and get your shopping shoes out! The Guild will provide the birthday cake.

We also have 5 or 6 ladies who are taking tables to sell their own treasures to another lucky person. Remember, to get a half table space the price is a yard of brightly colored or kids fabric. The proceeds from what you sell are yours to keep. If you would like a table or a half, please contact Kerry Kastl at 650-9611.

As another reminder this year’s challenge is a nine-patch quilt – it may be a traditional nine-patch or modern, your choice, but it must be a nine-patch using 14 different fabrics. Backing does not have to be one of the 14. A 2.5” square of each fabric needs to be pinned to the back of each quilt. In order to qualify, quilts must to be quilted and bound.

Minimum Size: At least: 45″ x 60″
First Place: $75.00 Second Place: $50.00 Third Place: $25.00

Maximum Size: At least: 78” x 88”
First Place: $100.00 Second Place: $75.00 Third Place: $50.00

Looking forward to seeing you on June 12 if not before – Kerry

(post by PJ-pjkobos@ymail.com)

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