Updated information for August 2014

Greetings and its August and the summer is nearing an end!

Our meeting is August 14 and our speaker will be Dr. Rachel Hutchison who is a chiropractor. She is going to talk to us about how to sit comfortably while we are sewing and other things to protect our backs! I don’t know about you but I could use a lot of help in that area!

This coming Saturday, August 9 is guild day at Ruthie’s in Baker. We have about 6 members already attending but if you would like to go for a free day of sewing and instruction, please call Ruthie. http://www.ruthiesnotions.com/#flou

The instructor is said to be a lot of fun and you don’t have to take anything with you. Ruthie provides all the tools and machines as well as lunch! I don’t think I can make it but maybe another day. Thank you Linda Frick for letting us know!

We had a lively assortment of sewers at our charity workshop in July. Edith has organized the strips of fabric by color! And we have some pillowcase kits and quilt kits ready for you to take. We were also able to get two more rolls of batting at a reasonable price so if you need any, bring your measurements!

Doris Bates has surgery last month and continues her physical therapy at Westwood Rehab on Mar Walt Drive. If you have a chance, drop by to see her. Kerry Kastl is having surgery this month as well. June Scroggin is recovering nicely from her surgery last month. I hope that is it for illness!

See you soon! Carol

Ruthie is having her annual Quilters Guild Appreciation Day event next weekend, Aug 8 or 9. Ruthie called me to find out how many are coming from my guild. Could we send out this information to the members inboxes so they can see it? I don’t think posting on the Blog will get quick enough reaction. I hope we can get enough people interested who would want to attend. Maybe we can get enough people together and maybe carpool. I know Shirley, Cindy, Patty, Becky and I are going together. It would be great to get 15 people and we could get a machine. I kinda need to let her know so she will have enough machines available. She told me there is a Guild from Panama City coming with 33 people on Friday and another one with 17 people coming on Friday. I’m thinking Saturday would be a better day to go since there are so many already coming Friday. And besides, Saturday isn’t a work day so maybe more people would come. Can we ask members to RSVP so we’ll know.

Can we get Pam to send out this notice? This is a link to her website with a list of all the classes she has going the rest of this year. Most of them are free!

Linda Frick.

http://www.ruthiesnotions.com/#flou . This lady was at Ruthie’s earlier this year and was a blast. She has gorgeous fabric and wonderful ideas. It would be a fun day out and a lot of fun.

Calling all quilters! August 9 is a Guild appreciation Day at Ruthie’s notions in Baker. Five of our members are already attending! Can we muster 10 more folks so that our guild can win a free sewing machine? We have selected Aug 9 for the day our guild members should attend. Please call and make reservations to Ruthie and let me know if you can go. I’m thinking this is the year I might be able to attend. I could use a relaxing day of sewing! Carol

(post by pjkobos@ymail.com)

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