Updated Information for September 2014

Sept 8, 2014
We’ve got some exciting things coming up for the remainder of the year. Bring in your favorite patterns or books to the September meeting to share! See details below from Kerry. And bring the quilt or item you made to go with it! Lets do some sharing!

Charity: We have 70 quilts and 187 pillowcases, 48 stockings and 30 bags! Lets see if we can meet our goal of 100 plus quilts! If you have a top that isn’t quilted, we will have batting for you to use at guild Thursday night. If you have some tops you can’t finish, bring them. WE will have a sit and sew at the end of October, date to be established. Our speaker at the November meeting will be Ken Hair from Children in Crisis. We’ll be giving him quilts, pillowcases, etc at the meeting.

Guild Program September 11, 2014

I frequently hear people asking where a certain quilt design or pattern came from. The answer is “I found this great book, it has some of the neatest designs in it”). Or “I subscribe to a magazine that always has wonderful quilt patterns that I get my ideas from.”

For our September 11 guild meeting I would like for you to please bring your favorite quilting book; tell us why you like it and what you learned from it; and if you still have a quilt made from the book, bring that as well. This is a great way for others in the guild to learn about what’s out there they may not have known about.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the great books you bring. Thanks, and see you in September.

Challenge: Projects are due in October. Please bring in a brown paper bag.

Treasurer: Beginning Balance. 2279.06
Income. 63.00
Batting 169.58

Aug 30 Balance. 2172.48
From the donations we have received and Trash to Treasure event, we’ve been able to purchase 5 rolls of batting for charity quilts into next year!

Door Prizes
Kay Haynes
Doris Bates
Becky Garrett
Marion Peck


Christmas Party: Dec 11, 2014. Please bring a dish to share and a $15 sewing related gift to exchange! Nothing better than quilters sharing a meal and exchanging gifts to each other! Our gifts this year have been many!

(Post by PJ Kobos)

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