February 2015 Newsletter

President: Pam Martin

I hope all of you had a great time at our January meeting.  The board is still working on programs/activities for the year.  February will be another busy meeting.

We have had some changes to our board.  Due to some stress issues/concerns Lynda Richardson has stepped down as our VP.  BUT she will still be doing the Get R Done challenge so make sure you get your list in this month so you can enter in the contest.  I’m sure that Lynda is making this a fun challenge for us all.

Karen Fisher has agreed to step up and be the Vice President.  She would like to do a Block of the Month starting this month so she will show us that.  Karen is also planning the workshop but, thus far it is a surprise, but sure to be fun.

This month we will have Queen Tables.  A different technique will be taught at each table.

Hope that you all have your round robin started; Carol has added another layer to it.  I hope everyone will participate.  This is a great charity project.

Edith and her team would like you all to participate in charity quilts this year.  She would like to be able for us to give away more quilts than we did last year.

And last but not the least; we will unveil the guild challenge for this year.  I am very excited about it and I hope that you all will like and participate.

Happy quilting and send me any suggestions you may have.


Treasures Report for Jan  

Beginning Balance:              $ 1719.30

Deposit:                            227.00     (membership)

52.00     (raffle)

Expenses:                       –  56.00    (Word Press)

– 122.02    (Best Press bottles)

Ending Balance       $  1820.28

Door Prize Donations for February:

Marily Pryor                           Tressie Kobos

PJ Kobos                               Linda Holverson

Please bring two gifts, sewing related and a value of $10.00 each.

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