April 2015 Newsletter

I think we are in a race, it’s almost April.  Man I better get my running shoes on.

Was glad to see you at our March’s meeting as well as those who came to participate in our Charity Sit and Sew.  We had about 14 members there and had lots of fun.  Thank you Edith and her team for putting this all together.  Fabulous job as always.

Aprils’ speaker will be Margie from Margie’s Sew Much Fun.

And of course we will continue our Block of the Month and Round Robin.

Edith and her team would like you all to participate in charity quilts this year.  She would like to be able for us to give away more quilts than we did last year.  One way you can participate is by joining us for a sit and sews.  Watch the Blog to see a future Sit and Sew.

Another way to help is make as many 9 Patch blocks as you would like, bring them to the meeting and then they will have someone put the quilt together, or volunteer to put the 9 patches together.

Remember that April 11th is our workshop.  So be on the lookout for more details.

Happy quilting and send me any suggestions you may have.


Treasures Report for March

Beginning Balance:  $1,931.13


$72.00 (membership)

$77.00 (raffle)


– $20.00 (Speaker)

Ending Balance:  $2,060.13

Contributors for April’s door prize are:

Edith Bullock

Christene Alber

Pat Nieber

Karen Fisher

Please bring two gifts, sewing related and a value of $10.00 each.

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