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2015 Block of the Month

January’s Block:  01 Guild Jan 2015 BOMJanuary Block


February’s Block:  02 Guild Feb 2015 BOM

February Block

March’s Block:  03 Guild Mar 2015 BOM

March Block

April’s Block:  04 Guild Apr 2015 BOM

April Block

May’s Block:  05 Guild May 2015 BOM

May Block

June’s Block:  06 Guild Jun 2015 BOM

June Block


July’s Block:  07 Guild Jul 2015 BOM

July Block


August’s Block:  08 Guild Aug 2015 BOM

August Block


September’s Block:  09 Guild Sep 2015 BOM

September Block

October’s Block:  10 Guild Oct 2015 BOM

October Block

November’s Block:  11 Guild Nov 2015 BOM

November Block

December’s Block: 12 Guild Dec 2015 BOM

12 December Block

Here’s how to put it all together:  Quilt Construction

Quilt Construction

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