December 2015 Treasurers Report

Treasures Report for December 2015

Beginning Balance:                                                                                          $1,484.02


Cash Total Deposit for Dues:                                 $108.00

Check Total Deposit:                                             $144.00

Interest on Account for December                                .19

Total Deposit                                                                         $252.19


Checks Written to:

#0093   12/7/15 Decorating Den (Batting)    – $197.94    (cleared)

#0094   12/7/15 Pam Martin (Board Gifts)       – $68.90   (cleared)

#0095   12/9/15 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Donation)   – $300.00   (cleared)

#0069   12/8/15June Scroggin (Media/Website      $26.00   (cleared)

12/9/15 Fee for new checks      -14.66    (not posted yet)


Ending Balance                                                                                                  $1128.71


Contributors for December door prizes was:  Christmas Party


Contributors for January door prizes are:

Laura Shumate

Sandra Dias

Carol Stearns

Margaret Kota

Please bring two gifts that are sewing related and a value of $10.00 each.

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