© C Stearns 2016, All Rights Reserved
© C Stearns 2016, All Rights Reserved

The Round Robin started about 3 years ago when the guild had a stack of 12.5″ blocks left from years of quilitng. We handed out the blocks and then each month, added a different row to them, resulting in many 60″ square quilts for charity or to keep. We repeated the fun last year!
This year is going to be a little different and a more contolled option if you choose to do it this way. The first two rows will be done in sections and then sewn together in the second month.

Fabric requirements:
Center block 12.5″ square with additional fabric for future rows, about 1/2 yd ( more if you want to use for the final border.
2 coordinating fabrics, about 1/8 yd or two fat quarters
A neutral, white off white, small pattern, 1/4 yd or two fat quarters.

The object of this game is to use up your STASH! Please don’t feel like you have to go out and buy fabric. We will learn to coordinate and choose what we have!
Let’s get started! Carol

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