Block Lottery rules

Block Lottery Guide lines


Every month we will have a block lottery.  Participation is voluntary, and everyone who chooses to participate makes one (or more) of the featured block.  Entry into The Lottery is $1 for each block with one block equal to one chance, or four blocks equal to four chances, etc.  The winner receives ALL of the blocks.  Occasionally, we may have so many blocks that we divide them, allowing for multiple winners. The block lottery allows us to branch out of our comfort zones, expand our skill levels and have a little fun.  You will be surprised of how many blocks you can receive with only one entry. If you have any suggestions of blocks that you would like do, please send me an email.


The rules are simple:

  • The Lottery is open to all members in good standing.
  • Please use only quilt shop quality fabric (no big box fabric stores with the exception of designer lines).
  • Take your time to construct your block well; use 1/4″ seam allowances unless otherwise instructed.
  • Blocks should be the correct size.
  • They colors should be in the theme of the sample given.
  • Each block + $1 is one entry in the drawing.  You may submit as many entries as you would like.
  • Please label your block with your name, somewhere within the seam allowance.  An address label stuck to the back also works.
  • Past winners can still contribute, but please understand until we see a finished pieced top (or project) from your winnings; someone else will know the thrill of winning.
  • If you have any questions please contact me Pam 376-8283

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