July 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Silver Threads Quilt Guild, 14 July 2016 Meeting


6:30 pm, Pam called meeting to order.

Pam announced there was a request for the Pledge of Allegiance to be said at the beginning of each meeting.  Vote was held, passed, so the Pledge will be recited at the beginning of our meetings.

Membership.  Patty provided gifts to 6 members.

Program.  Sheri Easom (The Sewing Center) discussed Row By Row.  Shop owners must abide by rules.  Program begins with sign-up from November to January 1.  Program starts June 21, ends September 6.  November 1 can sell/email/mail the pattern.  See http://www.rowbyrowexperience.com for more information.

Sew Happenings.  Pam announced the information will be on the blog.  Newsletter will be on the website.  Ruthie’s will have a Brother event soon.

Door Prizes:  The Sewing Center door prize won by Barbie Ouellette.  Margie’s gift certificate won by Marie Robert.  Quilter’s Place gift card won by Barbara Simmons.  Stitcher’s Quest gift certificate won by Patty Roof.

Carol talked about a new store, The Sewing Corner, in the Miramar Beach area.

Block Swap.  Patriotic blocks, half-log-cabin.  All who made them came up for a photo.  Lyndell volunteered to assemble into a top.  Pam displayed August block – Twisted Pinwheel.  Use black solid, a tone-on-tone white, and any green.  Instructions will be on the blog.

Round Robin. Carol revealed the finished quilt top.  Nine showed tops in progress.  First person to complete (quilted and bound) and takes to Stitcher’s Quest will win a gift certificate.  Drawing won by Carolyn Urquhart.

Workshop.  Celeste showed two bags.  “Sew-together” bag is small with lots of zippers.  The “Sew Date” bag is bigger, a Kaufman pattern.  She asked all members to vote by putting their names into one of the bags and that would determine which one we’d make.  This workshop will be late September or early October.

Program, Stars & Stripes.  Celeste distributed a list of block names and asked all members to write down whether that block was composed of stars or stripes.  She revealed each block and awarded door prizes.  She also discussed how 2 blocks work together to form pleasing secondary patterns and displayed a 9-patch with snowball antique quilt.

Show & Tell.

Lyndell showed kits for blocks.  Blue and white or red/white/blue — take the kit, assemble the block, bring back, and she’ll assemble into a top and get it quilted for our charity projects.

Addie discussed change of structure of Kid Comfort program last December.  Does the guild want to continue making them?  Vote yes to continue to make kid comfort quilts.

Door prize (opportunity drawing) winners:  Paulena Melvin and Ruth Christensen.

Adjourned 8:00 PM

Laura Gamble

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