Pack and Sew Bag Workshop

PACKANDSEWThe Pack and Sew Bag Workshop is scheduled for October 15, Saturday, from 9 until 3:00 at the Moose Lodge on Greenacres Road.  Cost is $10 which includes pattern and lunch.

Non guild members are $15.

The workshop is being taught by Carol Stearns and assisted by Celeste Driskill.

PACK AND SEW TOTE HOMEWORK for our October 15th Workshop
Yardage requirements for Pack and Sew, at least 42” wide
Main front and back Fabric A – ½ yd or two fat quarters
Lining Fabric B-½ yd or two fat quarters
Accent strips, binding strips and zipper pocket divider Fabric C – 2 fat quarters in contrast color or ½ yard
Border fabric for pockets fronts- fabric D – ½ yd (you may use a different patterned fabric if you don’t have any border fabric)
Handles and pocket linings Fabric E- ½ yd
Sewing Panel Fabric F- or two sewing panel squares, 7”

Soft and Stable -Soft and Stable interfacing 18 by 58” piece- will help the Tote stand up nicely. ,
Décor Bond 1 yard for linings and pockets, and handles
Foam core Board or political yard sign for bottom (there ought to be plenty of these lying around)

Cutting instructions-
Main Fabric A, front and back; Cut two pieces 22 by 14”
Soft and Stable: Cut two pieces 22 by 14”
Lining fabric B; cut two pieces 22 by 12 ½”
Décor Bond: Cut two pieces 22 by 12 ½”
Fabric C- cut two pieces for zipper pouch divider, 12 ½ by 6” ( this goes inside the tote)
Fabric C- two 2 ¼” by 42” for bindings. If using fat quarters, cut 3 strips.
Fabric C- Two 1 by 2” zipper Tabs
Fabric C- Four 1 ½” by 13” srips for pocket accents
Fabric D- Border Fabric or cut yardage for pockets. Cut two 13 by 5 ½’ rectangles for outside pockets and two 13 by 5 1/2” rectangles for inside pockets
Fabric E- Cut two 6” by 18” for handles
Fabric E- Cut four 13 by 5 1/2 for outside and inside pockets;
Cut two 12 ½ by 6” for zipper pouch divider linings
Fabric F- Sewing Panel or two sewing panel squares with linings


Décor Bond
Two 6” by 18” for handles
Four 12 by 5 ½ for outside and inside pockets
Two pieces 22 by 12 ½ for linings
Two squares for outside end pockets
Soft and Stable:
Two 22 by 14 for tote body, front and back
Outside tote body instructions
Pin or lightly spray baste the two soft and stable pieces to the main front and main back, fabric A. Quilt as desired, trim to 22 by 14 and set aside.
Fuse the lining Décor Bond pieces to the wrong side of 22 by 12 ½ lining pieces. Trim to 22 by 12”. Fabric B. You may quilt these but not necessary.
Fuse Décor bond to the four outside and inside pocket fronts
fabric D
Fuse Décor bond to the two zipper pouch divider pieces, fabric C
Fuse Décor Bond to the handle pieces.

Seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise noted.
RST = Right Sides Together
Press seams open where possible.


This may sound confusing or difficult.  Just take each section as it comes and I will try to be clear as questions come in.  The finished tote is at Stitcher’s Quest on Beal Pkwy behind Chic-fil-a.  They are offering 10% discount on soft and stable and decor bond for use in the tote.  I am not that computer literate so taking photos and posting are sometimes foreign to me.  Thanks.  Carol

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