Nov 2016 Newsletter

November is upon us and the end of the year is near. This month is our challenge month hope you all have finished your challenge projects. All about Christmas. We have three categories, a large quilt, a small quilt and all other categories. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful work you do.
We will also elect our new board for next year.
Something to think about: To make this guild successful, members are needed. There are elected positions to be filled President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and positions appointed by the president (Programs, Membership, Charity, Sew News and Newsletter). Please consider helping out with one of these positions. You can also participate as a team. The guild cannot run by itself and the more members that participate the easier the job is. Also know that the board and membership is there to help with planning and executions of projects. Please let a board member know if you are interested in a position.
Elected positions
President- has board meetings as needed, makes sure that the meeting has been planned, runs the meeting and starts on time. President is responsible in making sure that the minutes are taken and posted to blog. Making sure that the treasurer is keeping track of the clubs money. Sends agenda out before the meeting. And takes care of anything that may arise.
Vice-President- with the boards help have 2 workshops a year. Steps in if president is absent. Helps to guide the board. Helps out where needed.
Secretary- takes minutes at meetings and presents to president to be published.
Treasurer- keeps track of all monies in and out. Presents a report monthly.

President Appointed positions
Programs- plans a 30 to 40 minute program for meetings and plans the challenge for the year.
Membership- keeps track of member and attendance information (excel program used for this). Make membership cards and directory
Charity- promote charity to the guild. Decides any special charity projects. Have at least 2 sit and sews a year.
Sew-News- contacts the local fabric shops to give you their specials for the month and send to blog/newsletter person to publish and pick up door prizes for the meeting if the shops donate.
Newsletter/blog- take pictures at the meeting, publish pictures and updates to the blog.
If you have something that you would like to see us do at our meetings please send me an email so that we can explore the idea.

Happy Sewing

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