November Meeting Minutes

Silver Threads Quilt Guild – Meeting minutes, 10 Nov 2016

6:30 P.M.  Meeting conducted by Pam Martin, president.

Pam handed out ballots for the challenge entries and everyone voted.

Pam led the pledge of allegiance.

Membership Chair Patty Roof did birthdays.

Carol S. briefed the Sew News handout.  .

Pam distributed door prizes from the shops:  Patty R. and Kathy W. won gift certificates from Sewing Corner; Edith B. won some threads from Stitcher’s Quest; and Doris B. won a gift certificate from Quilter’s Place.

Block Swap.  Carolyn U. won the block drawing.  Pam displayed the December blog – instructions will be on the blog.

Charity.  Lyndell not present but Sharon S. will take donations to her.

Nominations.  Pam asked for further nominations and distributed ballots for the 2017 year.

Bee.  Celeste reported only 6 people signed up – not enough interest for more than one bee.  If anyone is still interested, see Celeste tonight.

Pam announced December is our Christmas party.  For gift exchange, make an easy little box-shaped bag.  Instructions on facebook and the blog.  Put in a fat quarter and candy, wrap in a gift bag.  Also there’ll be a potluck that night.

Election results.  Next year:  President is Celeste Driskell.  Vice President is Linda Frick.  Secretary is Laura Gamble.  Treasurer is Pam Martin.  All other positions are appointed.

All who participated in the challenge got a gift.  Winners:

Category 1:  #1 Kathy Weathers, #2 Kathy Robinson

Category 2:  tie Carol Stearns and Angel Schauer

Category 3:  #1 Margaret Kota, #2 Patty Roof

A guest (Gina) distributed fliers for the Modern Quilt Guild’s retreat in Destin in January.

Opportunity drawing.

Show & Tell.

Laura Gamble, 8:15PM

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