Minutes 12/8/2016

Silver Threads Quilt Guild – Meeting minutes, 3 Dec 2016

6:30 P.M.  Meeting conducted by Pam Martin, president.

Pam led the pledge of allegiance.

Potluck dinner was held.

7:10PM resume meeting.  Membership Chair Patty Roof did birthdays.

Celeste and Pam presented new business.  Two major changes to vote on.

  1. American Legion has asked if we’d like to have our meetings there. No responsibility on any one guild member to open and lock facility, as it’s open before and after our meetings.  Food and drink can be purchased and eaten on site.  However, we have to change our meetings to another night, as 2nd Thursday already taken by Postal Union.  After brief discussion, vote was held and passed – we’ll meet 3rd Thursday at American Legion on Hollywood Blvd.
  2. Door Prizes have been hit-or-miss this year. People haven’t signed up, have forgotten, brought only one gift, or brought inappropriate gifts.  If we increase dues from $12 to $20 per year, the board can use the difference to purchase gifts and still do our door prizes.  Motion was made and seconded.  Vote held, and passed.  Sign-up sheets for 2017 are on the membership table.

Block Swap.  Addie L. won the block drawing.  Pam displayed her quilt top from a previous month’s drawing.  Then Pam asked would other people sign up to take turns doing the patterns next year.  One new quilter specifically requested clearer instructions be posted.  Pam started a sign-up list for this.

Lyndell showed 3 quilt tops she has pieced for Quilts of Valor (to be given to Flying Needles).

Charity.  Lyndell reported this year the guild made 5 bags, 9 pillowcases, 54 Christmas stockings (with beanie babies in each), 44 quilts, 5 QOV.  Of these, 28 quilts went to Project Linus, and the rest went to The Children’s Neighborhood.

Pam distributed gifts to her board members.

Celeste presented Pam with quilt blocks made by guild members for her 2-year president term.

Celeste conducted the Christmas gift exchange.

Show & Tell.

2017 Board was introduced & photographed.

Adjourned 8:02PM.

Laura Gamble

ASIDE:  Addie Lowry reported Ruth Christensen will have surgical procedure Dec 13.  I’ll send a get well card from the guild then.  Ruth will have another surgical procedure in January; Addie will let me know the date to send a card then.

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