Happy New Year Quilters

Happy New Year Quilters. I would like to take this opportunity to make sure everyone is aware of all the exciting changes we have in store for Our Guild in 2017! During the business portion of the December meeting TWO major changes were presented, discussed, voted on and were overwhelmingly approved. I think both proposals offer significant benefits for Silver Threads.

First, the dues will be increased from $12 to $20 per year. While this is a very modest increase, the members will enjoy an immediate benefit. No longer will individuals be responsible for bringing door prizes. No more trying to remember which month you signed up for or if you did sign up. No more wondering what to get or where to get it. No more remembering to bring the items at all. Now the guild will provide ALL door prizes. With the increase in dues combined with the ticket monies, door prizes will be self-sustaining. Members just need to come to the meetings feeling Lucky and Enjoy!

Second, exciting change will begin January 2017. The guild will meet at the American Legion at (105 NW Hollywood Blvd, Fort Walton Beach). This is another change that will significantly lighten the responsibility of some of our members. No one must be concerned about unlocking and locking the door, making sure tables and chairs are set up and taken down. The Legion will do all of this for us. “Yay” The Legion is more than happy for us to use their facility. It is a larger space that is set up specifically for meetings of various sorts. The facility is a Smoke Free Environment. It will always be open and parking is not an issue. They have food if you come hungry or if you would like a glass of wine they have that also. There was a conflict with the day but everyone agreed to change the meeting from the second Thursday to the third Thursday of each month. Again, a small concession for a large benefit.

I hope everyone is looking forward an exciting 2017 for the Silver Threads Quilt Guild and remember our next meeting is January 19, at 6pm at the Legion (105 NW Hollywood Blvd).

Happy Quilting,

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