ROUND ROBIN 2017 row 3

Round Robin row 3

For Row 3 of the 2017 Round robin you will be making 20 friendship stars.  For each star you will need (2) 2″ blocks of print and (2) 2″ blocks of white or neutral, (1) 1.5″ square of print and (4) 1.5″ squares of white or neutral.  Finished blocks will be 3.5″.

I recommend pairing a white to a print 2″ square and cutting them diagonally once as show.  Then assembly line sew them to create half square triangles that will square up to 1.5″.  Press all seams open.  Sew the friendship stars as pictured, making sure the star points are going in the proper direction.  This is a bit tedious but once you get on a roll they aren’t that difficult and they turn out so cute!  The June row is VERY simple!  Sew 4 blocks together on each end of your RR middle square and blocks on either side, alternating colors as shown.  Have fun!  Your blocks are turning out really cute!

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