Guild Updates from our September Meeting.

Hi Everyone,

I just want to go over a few things and make sure everyone knew about them.

First we had an important vote at the last meeting. We had to move our November meeting date due to the Legion being unable to hold that Thursday for us.  It was voted that we would change the meeting to Tuesday November 14th. This change is only necessary for the month of the November. At this time we don’t see any issues with the December meeting date or any other months to come.

Next we have the up coming Workshop October 21. If you were not able to get cutting instructions and wish to attend please contact Linda Frick or myself so we can get that homework to you. You won’t have much time to get it all done if you wait until our next meeting to get the instructions.

And Last, The September BOM is now up on the Website, complete with a YouTube video by Missouri Star. I hope we can all participate and make October a good month to win the blocks!

That is all for now. Other than I want to thank you all again for participating in our Fall Festival. I personally think it was a huge success!!!

I hope everyone has a great month, and I will see you in October!!


Celeste Driskill

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