August BOM

August Block of the Month 2017


Fabric needed:
Three greens for the trees. The size of a fat quarter ( 18” by 22”) for each green.
One of red fabric, about the same size needed for the tree. Maybe smaller.
White background. These are crazy shapes. Bring half yard. We all seem to have white in our fabric
resource. That way I know you will have enough.
Brown fabric for the tree trunk. Not much of a tree trunk, bring scraps. Nothing like the shapes of the
white background. Take a look at your pattern, pretty straight forward.
Making of the copies:
Two copies of the pattern from regular copy paper. One is the master copy and the second will
be used for adding information that will be appear confusing if copied on the Perfect Piecing
Three copies of the pattern on the Perfect Piecing Paper. One for the Left, Right, And Center parts of the Block. Do not write on these copies. Images
may shine through when using the white background fabric.


Link to Paper Piecing Foundation Pattern: