June 2016

© A Schauer 2016, All Rights Reserved
© A Schauer 2016, All Rights Reserved

Round Robin next row! Since I wasn’t at guild due to a huge bandage covering half my face and coughing my head off, I sent the Round Robin with Pam. Maybe Pam can post a pic of it. But here are the directions.
Gather up strips from 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide of all the fabrics you have used in the quilt so far. Cut them into 10″ pieces and sew them together, alternating colors. When the strip is about 20″ wide, press seams to one side and then cut into 3″ strips to make piano keys. sew the 3: strips together until you get enough to fit onto the top and bottom of the quilt. You will have a piano key border top and bottom.
Cut 2″ by WOF of your neutral or a neutral and sew on all four sides of the top. This will create a more rectangular top. If you want it to be square, add piano keys to the sides as well.

TIP: To keep the borders from being wonky, measure the width of the top at the middle. Cut the piano key strips that same width and then ease them in. If you just sew them on they will bend and sway.
Do the same for the 2″ by WOF strips, measuring through the center of the quilt, cut them that long and then ease in. You won’t be wonky!

May 2016,  Add a 2.5″ border all the way around the top of one of the fabrics you have used.



You will need 8 of the SQ/SQ with triangle corners that you made previously. These should measure 4.5″. You will need (4) 4 patches made with 2.5″ strips or squares. I had these left over from the previous strip we made. And you will need 2 colors of fabrics for strip sets. You will need (4) of fabric A cut to 20.5″ and (4) of fabric B cut to 20.5″ Make 4 strip sets using color A and B and press seams open.


Onto each end of strip sets, sew one of the SQ/SQ pieces making sure that you triangles are on the same side so when it is sewn onto the side of the top, the triangles are the same color as the other two, creating a star in the corner. Sew one strip set with SQ/SQs onto two opposite sides of the top.


Sew the four patches to the ends of two of the strip sets with SQ/SQ making sure the squares are going in the proper direction that you desire. In the next post I will have the finished task for this month.


Carol Stearns

Decorating Den Interiors





March 2016:  RRROW3big RRROW3Remember when I suggested cutting 16 more of the 3 3/8″ neutral squares? You will also need 16 (3″) squares of one color and 16 (3″) squares of another color. Cut in half to create 32 triangles each. Sew unto the neutral squares as pictured. And square up to 4.5″. You will reserve 8 of these identical sq in sq blocks for the next row.
Out of neutral fabric, cut (4) 4.5 by 12.5 rectangles. I chose to use the same fabric based on the colors of my quilt but you can use different fabrics if you choose.
Cut (4) 41/2″ squares for the corners. I chose to use the same fabric as my four patches in previous row and one set of triangles is blue as in my four patches. You might need to rearrange your four patches to create a line of the same fabric. Carol




Round Robin 2016 Month 2

For Row 2 of the round robin, you will need 4 or 5 different fabrics.
1. Neutral fabric for sq in a sq, (4) 3 3/8″ squares. (thinking ahead you can cut 20 of these squares)
2. Fabrics A and B for triangles. Cut (4) each 3″ squares and then cut in half diagonally for 8 triangles each.
3. Sew the triangles to sides of 4 neutral squares. Square up to 4.5″.
4. Fabrics C and D, cut (8) 2 1/2 inch squares of each fabric. Sew into (4) 4 patches.
5. Sew Sq/Sq to two of the strips made in row 1 previously. Sew two of these on opposite end of 12.5″ square. Sew the 4 patches to ends of the other 2 strips and attach.

6.  The four patches will go in the corners and sq/sq in middle between the two rail fence blocks.


Round Robin 2016 Month 1

Center block is a 12.5” square of fabric of your choice.  If you want a coordinating last border, you would need about a yard of fabric.  This is your chance to use up that pretty yard you bought on sale and didn’t know how to use it!

You will need two coordinating fabrics.  Cut a 2.5” strip by width of material from each of the fabrics.  Sew the strips together lengthwise and cut into 4.5” sections.  Cut 8 of these sections and reserve for Clue 2 next month.

Happy Sewing!  Carol


© A Schauer 2016, All Rights Reserved
© A Schauer 2016, All Rights Reserved